Terms and Conditions

Offline Marketing Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of the OfflineMarketing.com business directory.  By creating a listing in the Offline Marketing directory, you agree to these terms and conditions.  There may be unforeseen instances where someone or something will present a situation by which a new term or condition must be added and amended to this set of terms of service.  By including your listing in our directory, you also agree to all future Terms of Service.  You are welcome to remove your listing at any future time or if there comes a condition in which you do not agree to.  The following Terms of Service applies to all listings and users unless otherwise specified.

Directory Terms and Conditions

  • Multiple Listings –  Some packages may offer multiple listings.  Any single business owner or manager is hereby limited to listings in three categories or subcategories.  If you need more than three listings, you must contact us for exemptions prior to submitting your listing.
  • HTML Descriptions – You are allowed to link to only one off site image file in your HTML listing.  You are not allowed to embed any script or code that includes or creates an image gallery.  Image uploads are a feature of an upgraded listing and must be purchased.
  • Payments and Refunds – There are no refunds provided for the first payment.  If you wish to cancel your subscription listing, you must provide at least one week notice if you need our assistance.  Otherwise, you are responsible for cancelling your subscription payments via your own PayPal admin area.
  • Choosing Categories – You must choose the appropriate category for your business.  You must also list your business within the state of which your business operates.  For example, if you’re an Offline Consultant whose office is in California, you must create your listing in the California subcategory even if you serve customers nationwide.  You may select other subcategories if your listing package allows for multiple listings.  Listings found in inappropriate categories will be moved to the correct category.
  • Recurring Payments – The Offline Marketing directory’s premium listings are set to be billed on a recurring monthly or annual basis.  There is no lease commitment required.
  • Free Listings With Linkback – The Offline Marketing directory offers free listings to any business serving as an offline marketing resource.  In exchange for this free listing, Offline Marketing requires a link back (link exchange) from the targeted site.  The site where the linkback appears must be the same site that is listed in the Offline Marketing directory.  Although preferred, the linkback does not need to be on the front (home) page of the targeted site.  However, our link must be clearly visible to the human eye in the same font color as the majority of the text of the same page.  Our linkback must also be accessible within two clicks from the home page.  For example, if our linkback is placed on a “Resources” page, then a visitor should be able to come to your site’s home page, see a viewable link to your “Resources” page and click on it (click 1), then our linkback should be visible on the Resources page and the visitor should be able to click on it to be directed to the Offline Marketing directory (click 2).

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

  • You may not use the Offline Marketing affiliate system to refer your own listing.
  • The Offline Marketing affiliate system is a 2 tiered affiliate system earning 30% on the first tier and 10% on the second tier.
  • The Offline Marketing Affiliate program pays it’s affiliates via PayPal or Google Checkout payment systems only.  No exceptions.
  • You may not be a subaffiliate of your own affiliate account.