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Dollar Bill Drop Cards by Dollar Card Marketing

If you’ve never heard of drop cards, the concept is about as simple as it’s name.  Drop cards are basically any kind of card, customized with your business message, that you drop anywhere in hopes that someone will pick it up and read your message.  Now you might think, “Well, that’s just trash… and why would anyone want to pick up a drop card except to just throw it in the trash bin where it should have gone in the first place?”  Well, we agree.  Except for ONE thing…. Who’s going to throw MONEY away?

You see, with ordinary drop cards, the challenge is to make them stand out among any other square piece of paper or other business cards that may be laying in a stack.  How easy do you suppose it would be for $100 dollar bill drop cards to stand out among other pieces of paper or other “business cards” in a stack?  Dollar bill drop cards do an awesome job of getting someone’s attention IMMEDIATELY!  Not only do these dropcards get immediate attention from everyone who sees them, but the people who receive them are a LOT more likely to keep them and NOT toss them in the trash bin or anywhere else but their wallet!  Believe me, in this economy, it’s not often we get to carry around $100 dollar bills in our wallet and these fake money cards make that real easy!  Of all the business cards in your wallet right now, how many of them have you pulled out to show friends or colleagues, JUST so they could see it?  With dollar bill drop cards, this happens more often than not.  Just the novelty of having your business message on a dollar bill makes people want to show it off to several other people giving your drop card THAT much more attention and potential to drive customers to your business.

Dollar Bill Drop Cards

Dollar Bill Drop Cards

Who Uses Dollar Bill Drop Cards?

Anyone.  Well, that would be the simplest short answer, because it’s basically true.  Anyone, with any kind of business that needs to be promoted can use dollar bill drop cards to promote it; any event that wants a unique way of getting the word out can get the word out with dollar bill drop cards; any business opportunity that wants to show that they’re serious about making money will show it with drop cards that look and feel like money; any business that wants to provide discounts or incentives on goods and services can do it by providing dollar bill drop cards with a discount message inside….  As you can see, there really is no limit to the uses and potential difference that these dropcards can bring to your business.

How to Use Dollar Bill Drop Cards

Here again, if we wanted to be simplistic about it… just drop them.  Believe me, if you drop a $20 dollar bill on the ground, people are going to pick it up, guaranteed!  But if you want to be a bit more strategic in your drop card marketing, then that’s pretty easy as well.  Drop them where your target demographic is likely to be.

If your target audience is just about any wallet carrying adult, then take your dollar bill drop cards everywhere you go and place them where you know someone is going to cross paths with it.  Some of the most popular places to set the drop cards would be on the chairs or floor next to a chair in a local coffee shop.  Place drop cards on the ground near ATM machines as if it fell out of someone’s wallet or pocket.  Take them to trade shows and fairs and place drop cards around the vendor areas.  Please note in this paragraph that I recommend that these cards are “strategically placed” and not “dropped”.  Drop cards can turn into litter if one of your prospective customers or clients, or YOU don’t pick it up.  We recommend that you place these drop cards where ever you wish, but return to that area a few moments later to make sure that it was an effective placement.  If not, recover it and place it in another location.  So not only are you NOT littering, you’re recycling too!

There are literally dozens of different places and strategies you can implement with these unique business cards…. and OH YEAH…. you can use them to simply replace your tired old business cards also and not drop them at all!  Watching people’s reaction when you reach in your pocket and hand them a $100 dollar bill business card is just priceless!

And now for the bottom line (pun intended!)  Dollar Bill Drop Cards ARE Effective!

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